Quiche Lorraine


The Best Quiche of Them All

How have I not talked about quiche yet? I love quiche. In the US and in France. Quiche is good. But if there is a quiche to rule them all, it is certainly quiche Lorraine. 

Quiche Lorraine is the perfect combination of meat and cheese. It's name comes from the Lorraine region of France and it is made with lardons and cheese, usually emmental or Swiss. I've also had a variation with onions in it, and let's just say, you can't go wrong when onions are in the mix! And I personally think that this quiche is great at any meal, though I know all French people would turn their noses up to the idea of quiche for breakfast. Clearly my American is showing. Do you know what's so great about quiche Lorraine? It's comfort food. Just because there aren't twenty ingredients doesn't mean that it's bland. It's got all the important food groups: meat, cheese, pastry, and egg. All good. And I'm starting to realize that the people of Alsace Lorraine are visionaries when it comes to food. 

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