French Vacation


Vacationing the French Way

Vacation is here and it seems like Europe is the place to work if you want to have a lot of time off for your travels. And I have to say, the way the French take their vacations is both interesting and frustrating. Interesting in their habits and where they go and frustrating as how everything seems to be deserted. 

In France, either for the month of July or for the month of august, people will take almost an entire month off of work, which is included in their vacation times. Many will pack the family up in a small camper and head of the beaches. Others don't mind renting a hotel for a few weeks. But the majority are heading to the beaches, whether they are north or south.  And this is a great time to spend with the family and explore more of France. Sometimes people like to keep returning to the same vacation spots and some like to change it up every year.

St. Suliac, Brittany
Sounds nice, right? Well not for those who are not on vacation that would like to get things done. Since everyone leaves at the same time, it means that certain things close down. Entire offices are closed for a month until the workers come back. Even stores are closed. This means that your daily life is a bit disrupted if you were one of the few stuck in town. That means that French people may not get their bread! Shocker. I guess the clue is to take your vacation when your bread dealer does.

I'm really intrigued by this vacation system that the French have going. As to which country I prefer, that's a tough one. As an American I like things to be open all the time, but I like the amount of consecutive time that the French get. Imagine all the places you can travel to! So I guess the globetrotter in me wins out and I'd rather deal with a few closures and work less. 

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