My Top 10 Favorite European Cities


Top Ten Favorite Cities of Europe

I haven't seen much of the world, or even Europe for that matter, but I've seen enough to have some favorite cities. This was a tough list to make since each city is so unique. It's hard to compare them. But some have managed to capture my heart, so here are my favorite cities so far. 

10. Bath: I know that this city is known for it's constant rain, but I think that's what adds to it's charm. It's a nice escape from the bustling city of London and it's a beautiful mixture of ancient roman times and the Victorian Era.

Vienna, Austria
9. Rouen: visiting this city has become a ritual for my family, so when I think of this city, it's mostly with nostalgia. It makes me think of summers visiting France and saucisse frites since that's what I always ate there. But Rouen is more than just a ritual, it's a beautiful Norman city with timber houses, a gothic cathedral, and a dark history attached to Joan of Arc.

8. Munich: all of my experiences in Bavaria have always been great because the people are so nice, but I guess maybe that's because they're trying make up for the fact that Nazism was born in Bavaria. And I think that's what makes Munich so interesting. It is a combination of Bavarian history with it's great beer halls and a dictatorship that murdered millions of people that makes the city so complex and leaves so much to discover. That and the food is just so good!

7. Budapest: this city is so interesting and so beautiful. You can really see that it was once a very powerful city full of wealth. Today you can still see the remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire along with the scars left behind by many dark years of communism. The two combinations make for a very intriguing city. One that gets more and more interesting as you think about it.

Berlin, Germany
6. Rome: I love visiting Rome for it's food and history. Italy in general is such an interesting and beautiful place, but my favorite has got to be it's capital. With it's ruins of an old empire and the Vatican's impressive churches, I can't help to admire times beauty.

5. Vienna: the city of cake, music, and horses. This city is probably most similar in style to that of Paris, but you can still see those Eastern European influences in there. And Vienna, to me, is home to the best sauerkraut that I've ever had. That and schnitzel. And you can clearly see that this city was once the head of an empire. It's something that going to keep me coming back for years.

4. Prague: who knew that the way to my heart would be communism and sausages. This city is absolutely beautiful but plagued with a dark history. And it's sausages are absolutely delightful. Prague became one of my favorite cities within ten minutes of being there. I'm starting to think that I'm more of an Eastern European person than a Mediterranean person.

3. Berlin: I've been in love with Berlin before I even visited it. The city is full of interesting history that can be seen in it's architecture, it's monuments, and it's museums. Then add the great currywurst which is surprisingly good and Berlin is a place that will keep me coming back for more.

London, England
2. London: I love London for it's people, it beauty, and it's variety of food. I like that I can get some Indian food right next to a pub, then go and visit the British Museum right after. I like it's extensive free museums, and I'm super intrigued by the royal family. But to be honest, Berlin really did give London a run for it's money.

1. Paris: this city will now always be a home to me. After spending a year living here I've fallen in love with the city. It's beauty, it's food, and it's culture are all captivating. But I think the main reason that it's my favorite is because I am part French, and Paris will always be the city where I was born. 

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