Do's and Don'ts: Long Lines


Overcoming Boredom While Traveling Alone

I love traveling alone. I don't know if it's my preferred method of travel, but I really enjoy getting to explore a city at my own pace. Once of the things that I don't enjoy are long lines. Specifically standing in long lines alone. I get bored standing there for an hour without the option to walk around. It's even worse when it's raining or it's cold. And I know I should book in advance, but that's the point of spontaneity, right? So if you're ever stuck in a long line by yourself, here are some tricks that I've learned. 


Don't forget to bring something to do. Bring a book to read. Bring a map to plan. Bring your knitting equipment. Whatever it is that you can do standing up to keep yourself busy, do it. I write my blog posts on my phone when I have to wait in long lines because at least I'm being productive with my time. And it makes time go by faster.


Make sure you move around a bit. If it's cold make sure to move around by stomping your feet or swaying your weight from one foot to another to get the blood flowing. Otherwise it will be painfully cold. But even in the summer standing a long time on you feet hurts, so move around in the small space that your allowed.

Bored in Amsterdam? I just kept taking
pictures near the Anne Frank House


Don't forget snacks. If it's cold out, buy coffee before and drink it in line to warm you up. Sometimes if I didn't get lunch I'll buy a small sandwich and eat it in line. When I travel I don't eat much because I forget during the day because I'm too busy trying to see everything on the list. But standing in line, I don't have anything else I should be doing, so I'll eat my lunch then. I guess I'm all about saving time. 


Get to know the people around you. I like people watching, but sometimes you speak the same language, so instead of eavesdropping, start up conversation. Sometimes people will talk, sometimes they don't. But it's nice to chat with someone and get to know their travel story. It's always easier to chat with another solo traveler because they too have no one to talk to, so it's always fun to compare notes.


Don't stand in a line if you don't have to. This means go check to make sure that you're in the right line. I've seen places that have a single entry line for people who come by themselves. In the Louvre I go straight to the entrance and skip the ticket line because it's free for my age group. So make sure that you don't need to stand in that line.


Check to see if there are good times to come see something or if you should buy your tickets in advance. I know, better said than done in my book. I usually last minute I decide to see and place and get stuck in line. And I never buy advance tickets because I don't like committing to a time to see something. But if you can, buy the tickets in advance. Or at least show up for when the museum opens, that's usually the least amount of time that you will have to wait. 

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