A Dirty City


Paris: The City of ... Yuck

Paris is a beautiful city. It has gold on everything. Its Art Nouveau style is breathtaking. It has dog poop all over the streets... Ok ok back on track. And the smells are to die for. Walk around the Quartier Latin for the good smells. Stand next to a bakery for the sweet smells of pastries. Wander the streets for the smell of pee. Ride the metro to get that spoiled milk smell... Whoops I did it again, sorry. And it's incredible the things you get to touch. Hold onto the railings of the Eiffel Tower, you're really here. Touch a church that's over 800 years old. Grab onto the sticky poles of the metro... Don't get me wrong, I love Paris and think it's one of the most beautiful cities of the world. But it's dirty. Like uncomfortably dirty. 

Since moving to Paris I've gotten sick every month. And I used to get sick once a year. Not anymore thanks to people sneezing and touching everything on the metro. And then comes all of the gum on the streets, which now have more spots than a cheetah. Oh and my personal favorite is how people just pee anywhere, like as long as you don't see their parts no one really cares. And it doesn't matter where you go, even the nicest parts of Paris sometimes reek of pee. And I'm not just talking about the homeless who have no other option, I understand that. I'm talking about anyone just standing in between parked cars or leaning up against the wall to do their business. For a city that is one of the most expensive in Europe, and I'm talking top 3, you would expect for it to be a little cleaner. It is the second dirtiest metro I've been on (Rome takes the cake there) and the fact that they have a job for people to suck up dog poop on the sidewalk clearly means they poop and pee problems. Oh Paris, I love you but sometimes the germaphobe in me just can't handle it. 

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