The Travel Bug


(Re)Catching the Travel Bug

In the summer of 2012, after a two week trip to Italy, I caught my first dose of the travel bug. I couldn't stop thinking about seeing more of the world. I then couldn't be pried away from Pinterest as I kept pinning anything and everything relating to travel. I wanted to watch any movie about people traveling or moving abroad. And I absolutely had to see more of the world. Well moving to Europe has helped calm down that obsession, until about a month ago.

As I was planning my travels in February and in April, while trying to fit a few in for March, I got that spark again. And it hasn't gone away. I got the travel bug again. I get ideas and think, how can I get there, how can I see that? And in my free time, I'm back on Pinterest, trying to find travel tips, inspiration for new destinations, and how to get to destinations outside of Europe. And suddenly, validating my credential is becoming less and less important, starting my life of teaching is looking less interesting, and staying in one place for a long time is looking challenging. I don't know if this is a quarter life crisis or if it's just who I am, but I have a very strong case of wanderlust. And I thought that the first dose would be solved by my year abroad, but it seems to have only made it worse. As I think to August, I start to get bittersweet. I am very excited and happy to go home to my family, but I'm also sad to be leaving my favorite city and the place that has brought me so many adventures. I guess catching the travel bug again will help me go home with a new sense of adventure and try to explore more of the United States, and maybe Canada. Oh and South America. Oooo and maybe I can do some tropical islands too. No, I must see all the states first...

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