10 Advantages of Traveling Solo


Top 10 Advantages of Traveling Solo

Yes, yes, yes, another post about traveling solo. I know, I get it, you've heard all about how awesome I think it is. It's life changing, everyone should do it, its a once in a lifetime experience, blah blah blah. That's all great, but you want a little more convincing. Well here are some of the less widely advertised reasons why solo travel is something to try.

10. Great for control freaks: I've realized that I'm a control freak when I want to rip the map out of someone's hands and figure it out myself rather than let them figure it out. I guess I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. So if you're like me and quickly lose patience when you're not in control, solo travels will be a lot more calming for you.

9. Nerd alert: are you into something a little out of the ordinary that your friends and family aren't into? Well you can geek out as much as you want in your solo travels. You can admire your thing without someone in the background saying "if I see another ... I'm going to ..." So take your time to explore what makes you happy.

8. Line cutting: I've learned a little trick where I go to the front of the line and ask where I am supposed to go to buy tickets. Sometimes they will ask if its only me and just send me in. I know it sucks for everyone that's waited, but only one person doesn't make a difference. So very rarely do I wait in lines. I know its a naughty thing to do, but you just gotta take advantage sometimes.

7. Resume booster: employers are actually impressed with someone traveling on their own. It shows that they can think critically and problem solve by themselves. So whether you spent a year backpacking the world or working abroad, add it to the resume. It will impress people at the very least.

6. Grandma time: when I travel, my body follows the sun. I go to bed early when it sets and get up early when it rises. When you're with people, you usually have to stay up late. But when you travel by yourself, no one cares when you go to sleep, and if you have a private room, you can peacefully snore your way into tomorrow. Yes, I like to go to bed early; no, that does not make me a grandma.

5. Random conversations: when you're in a group, you close yourself off to everyone else around. Have you noticed how we form circles when we talk? That blocks people out. But sitting alone on a bench, discretely trying to shove as much gelato in your face as possible, is a lot more inviting. So as a solo traveler, you have random conversations with people. I once had a conversation with someone about the different smoothies in Spain. It can range from telling your life story to discussing why wiping snot off of kids noses sucks.

4. Saves money: when you're with someone, you're more tempted to do more expensive things because the other person is doing them too. For example, if your friend wants to go shopping, you'll go with them and be lured into buying something. Alone you can resist the urges. You can also travel as cheaply as you like and book the cheapest and least classy hotel without worrying about the needs of others.

3. No judgement: when you travel with friends or family, they may make judgements based on how you dress or how you eat. Well when traveling by yourself you can shove you face with as many eclairs as you wish. You had pasta for lunch and want it again for dinner, no one cares! The only people that may judge you are the locals, but you might never see them again. So why not have your cake and eat it too?

2. Drama free: sorry drama llama, we don't need you here! Just like roommates, travel mates are bound to have a hiccup somewhere along the way. It's natural, no two people are the same. And traveling for weeks on end, you're bound to at least give a glare. But when you travel by yourself you don't have to worry about fighting with anyone other than yourself. You're the only one in control and therefore the only one to blame. Disgusted with the messy room? Your fault! Tired of going to the same restaurant, your fault again! It's a full proof plan to avoid drama.

1. Freedom: sorry, I can't say freedom without thinking of Mel Gibson screaming "for freedom" in Braveheart. And I guess this reason can be as dramatic as that. I mean, traveling by yourself lets you do the things that you want to do. Traveling alone makes you feel untied to many things. You get to drift around, following where the wind takes you, exploring new things. Nothing's stopping you. No one is controlling you. It is the definition of freedom.

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