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Small Fridges in France: A Good Idea or a Pain in the Butt?

Have you ever heard of an American fridge? I'm sure you've heard of a mini fridge though. Did you know that I've been living out of a mini fridge this year? The American in me didn't think this was possible. But in France that's the way it is. Most French people have small fridges and it seems like they are always battling for more room.

Here's what my fridge looks like: one drawer, three small shelves that cannot fit anything tall, and a teeny tiny ice box. And that is the biggest fridge in most Parisian studios. At least in the larger apartments or in the country side the fridges get bigger. But they're still much, much smaller than those in the US. I am taller and sometimes wider than the majority of the fridges. And those that are the same size of the ones from the US, they call them American fridges. You know how we say everything is bigger in Texas, that's what the French think of America. So only people with large families buy the large fridges and most stick with the smaller ones that can fit in a cabinet. So they are constantly battling for space within their fridge. So why do they keep buying such small fridges? I think it's because they buy groceries for just a couple of days to ensure that it is always fresh. But that doesn't stop them from playing a game of Tetris in their fridges. And while a mini fridge in France is perfectly fine for me right now, I don't know if I would be able to do it in the US. 

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