Hachis Parmentier


Hachis Parmentier: French Comfort Food

Growing up, my dad would make stew once a year, and with the leftovers, he would make hachis parmentier. I hated the stew but loved what came in the next few days. And now that I am in France, I can buy this winter comfort food without having to endure the stew. Not that it was bad, I'm just not a stew kind of girl. And it seems like hachis parmentier is a comfort food for the majority of French people.

Hachis parmentier is made up of mashed potatoes, chopped/grinded/diced meat, and sometimes onions and carrots. Oh and of course topped with cheese. Basically it's like a shepherd's pie, but don't say that in front of a French person. It can be bought frozen, fresh, and even canned, but of course the best is homemade. And everyone has their own version and no one ever follows a recipe because its that popular. Like I've said many times before, you can't go wrong with meat, cheese, and potatoes.

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