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My Hotel Requirements When Booking Cheap

I have to say, I've gotten good at finding really cheap hotels in good areas. They're nothing close to five star beauties, but you get what you pay for. And it's gotten down to the fact I can book a hotel within doing twenty minutes of research without even going over my budget. Not to toot my own horn but toot toot! (Sorry I got that from a bad commercial and just had to say it) But the reason why I can so quickly book a hotel or hostel is because I know what I am looking for. I know what I'm willing to sacrifice and what I absolutely need to have.

The nicest hostel was in Milan, called Ostello Bello

Cleanliness - I don't want to be questioning the cleanliness of the sheets that I'm sleeping in. And even though I have a sleep sheet that I can bring with me, which I always do just in case, I make sure that cleanliness has a high rating when it comes to reviews. I don't mind a few scrapes on the walls, that stuff happens, but what I'm talking about is finding hair on the sheets or touching something sticky on the nightstand. Cleanliness is nonnegotiable, but I believe there's a difference between clean and used.

Safe location - even more important than cleanliness is a safe location. But this can be hard to find when you don't know anything about the city. So I look to see what type of hotels are around it or if it's near a monument in the city center that's one that I want to see. Usually if I'm near one of the main cathedrals it's a safe bet. This logic hasn't failed yet.

Food or transportation nearby - I have made the mistake of not checking the area around first for transportation or dining options. And since I'm already skittish when it comes to eating alone, I need to have options nearby. And a few times I've been away from the city center so I need to make sure there's some public transportation nearby otherwise I will come back before the sun sets and won't venture out. So I make sure that there are those two around to make my stay more comfortable.

The weirdest was in Amsterdam where
you had to use the toilet sideways

What's included - I like to see if breakfast is included, wifi, and if there are lockers. Sometimes the price of breakfast can be expensive in some areas, so when I can I stay where I can get breakfast for free. I always make sure that there is wifi to get in contact with my family when I need them. And I like that there are luggage lockers so that I can keep my bag there if I try to check in early or check out late.

I figure out all of those by looking at where different categories are rated. I don't look at any hotel with a lower than 85% overall rating although I will only stay in the 90s. The reason why I use hostelworld is because I can find not just hostels and bed and breakfasts and even hotels at a very low price.  It's perfect for my budget and it doesn't take much to make me happy as long as it's clean, safe, and in a good location. 

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