Les Volets


Les Volets: Blocking Out Light and Possible Hurricane Force Winds

Why don't we still have shutters in the US? I know that we have blinds, but its just not the same. Shutters are an amazing invention that should have never been forgotten in America. They make a house look cute, but more importantly, they block out the sunlight in the morning. And this is amazing because you can sleep in undisturbed without realizing that its eleven in the morning. And those pesky street lights outside your window don't bother you when you have shutters. Ah yes, this genius invention is amazing for light sleepers, or anyone that appreciates total darkness.

In France, shutters are known as volets. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are the traditional wooden ones that you have to close manually. Then there are the metallic ones that are usually electric and roll down like someone preparing for the apocalypse. People open the volets in the morning and close them in the evening. And while they are great for keeping the sunlight from waking you up in the morning, they are used for other purposes as well. They are great for insulation by keeping the heat in the house rather than escaping through the windows at night. They protect the windows from the elements, in case of really strong winds or hail. They also are good for safety. It is harder to break into a house when the shutters are on lock down mode. And they are good for privacy since many French homes don't have blinds like we do in the US. They tend to hang a sheet fabric, usually lace, over their windows to allow sunlight in but still keep the privacy. But that's about it when it comes to blinds. So if you ever rent a house or apartment in France, take advantages of les volets, they will help give you a great night's sleep. Just remember to set your alarm.

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