10 (European) Cities I Still Haven't Visited


Top Ten Places to See That I Haven't Seen

By now I have seen some of my "must do" cities in Europe. And if I haven't seen them, I have booked them. I have seen Berlin, London, Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, Bath, Warsaw, and Munich. And I have booked Bruges, Ghent, Budapest, Krakow, and Vienna. And while August seems like such a while away, I am starting to feel like I need to step up my traveling. I have given up on seeing my entire list this year, but there are a few places that I need to see before heading back to America. So here are the top ten cities that I have not yet seen.

10. Loire Valley, France: yeah those castles are some things that I need to see. But the problem of course is that getting to them is a pain in the butt. I may have to book a guided tour in order to see them. But these castles are some of the most beautiful sights of France, so I have to see them.

9. Lucerne, Switzerland: I really want to go to Switzerland. I like their style of architecture. And the reason why I want to see Lucern because of it's Chapel Bridge. It just looks really pretty and I could easily make it a weekend trip, so why not?

Siena, Italy
8. Dublin, Ireland: there's actually a lot more of Ireland that I want to see, but I will just keep it a Dublin for right now. Ireland has been a dream of mine for years. So I want to get a taste of it in Dublin, but I would really love to see its castles and country side as well. But for now its Dublin.

7. Nimes, France: the reason why I want to see Nimes is because it is a small, cute, southern city with a huge beautiful Roman amphitheater. I have liked what I have seen of southern France, so I would love to see more of it, of course with a little history!

6. Salzburg, Austria: I think the main reason why I want to go here is because of The Sound of Music. Yep movies is the deciding factor for this city. But it doesn't hurt that it's a pretty city to see as well.

5. Naples, Italy: the reason why I want to go to Naples is because I want to go see Pompeii which is right next door. And eating pizza in the pizza capital of the world is also a deciding factor.

4. Edinburg, Scotland: I really really want to go to Scotland. And Edinburg looks absolutely beautiful. I could probably make this a long weekend trip, or if my cousin wants to go I will go with her. But seeing at least a tiny bit of Scotland is a must for me.

3. Prague, Czech Republic: the more I think about it, the more I want to see Prague. It looks absolutely beautiful and it is so full of history. Of course it's the history that I love. And I've been avoiding going to this city by myself because of the extreme language differences, but I think that if I get a four day weekend, I will just have to go.

Florence, Italy
2. Athens, Greece: Athens has been my dream since I learned about Greek history in school. It's something that I need to see as a history teacher. It's something that I want to see as a traveler. And I would love to see a lot more of Greece, specifically the islands, if I could see Athens this year, I would be very happy.

1. Venice, Italy: since I've been to Italy in 2012, I've needed to see Venice. I know that people have mixed reviews, but it's something that I need to see for myself. And I have promised my cousin that I would see it with her when she comes to Europe. Lindsey are you here yet?

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