My Addiction to Perrier

I have a serious problem. I can't make it throughout the week without cracking. And it's turning into a serious problem. Hi I'm Mimi and I love Perrier. And I used to think I had a juice problem, but Perrier has blown juice way out of the ballpark. What do they put in it? It has to be crack or something because I'm not the only one that can't resist. 

Perrier, or any kind of bubble water, is widely consumed in France. I you go to a dinner party, you will always have the option of bubble water or normal water. And there's plenty of different types. The two main brands are Perrier and Badoit. And I personally think that Perrier is the best. I've gotten to the point now where I buy the bottles in six packs to avoid trips to the store. And there are different types. You can buy it with big bubbles or little bubbles, and my personal favorite, with lime or lemon flavor. Maybe it's not consumed as much as wine by many French people, but it is a very popular item. And it's so cheap here that I can afford this habit, unlike in the US. Oh well, at least it's healthier than juice, right?

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