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The Cutest and Grossest Internship I Will Ever Have

I am back with the kids at the international school for my third internship but this time it's for an entire month. That means an entire month of helping kids learn how to use the big potty, teaching them to pull down their pants when they get to the potty instead of before, telling them to pull up their pants when they're done and not come to class fully displaying their "bits" as they call them, not walking in on our friends as they use tell potty, and my personal favorite, wiping their snotty noses. My teacher friends back home have laughed at how I said I would never teach little kids, and here I am spending a month of wiping up snot. 

But I have to say, despite the long commute and despite the gross or odd things I have to do, I still like it. I get to be inside a classroom, all of the staff treats me well, and the kids make laugh every day. After this internship I only have one left, so it's starting to get a little bittersweet. I guess right now I'll have to focus on the never ending fountain of snot to bring me back down to reality. Oh and cleaning up a classroom after a room full of 20 or so 2 years olds have lunch. I think that's what the depths of hell looks like. Yep, thinking about that makes these four weeks plus one more session of four weeks seem really long. Oh well they're lucky they're cute. 

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