Do's and Don'ts: Clean Travels


How to Travel and Stay Clean and Healthy

Traveling is great, but for a germaphobe like me, it can be traumatizing at times. Getting sneezed on or coughed on is a quick way to ruin my day. And don't even get me started on my fear of lice. So staying clean and healthy while traveling, especially with limited products, has been an uphill battle, but I think I'm coming out ahead. 


Don't forget to read those hotel reviews. If you see anything that says that people got bed bugs, maybe that cheap budget hotel just isn't worth it. Hostels and other similar low budget places don't always clean to the same standard as those big name hotels. Many bring what's called a sleep sheet to avoid using their sheets. Usually I just read the reviews and look at the pictures to decide whether or not I should bring my sleep sheet. But check those reviews!


Remember to pack a spare par of flip flops. Sometimes those showers are just not what you want to be putting your bare feet on. Or sometimes the floor is swept instead of vacuumed and you don't want your feet to get dirty. So just pack those flip flops to avoid touching those questionable surfaces. If you're staying in a hostel, consider it a must. So just pack a cheap pair that's worth a dollar, they usually don't take up much space.

Gotta keep that crown clean somehow, right?
Imperial Treasury, Vienna


Don't always use the airplane or train pillows and blankets. Many of those don't go through a heavy duty cleaning process, especially airplane pillows. So instead bring your own to  avoid using them. I'm a little too crazy and I avoid anything touching my clean blankets. My suitcase never goes on my bed and after using public transportation, I never sit on my bed in the same clothes. I feel the same way about those blankets and pillows, I don't want to touch them. Instead I roll up jackets or use scarves.


Keep a clean pack. Inside this pack I have tissues, toilet seat covers, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. In Europe there's hardly ever any toilet seat covers and many times there's not even any toilet paper. The wipes are used to wipe down hotel toilets and airplane tray tables. And the hand sanitizer is for all the public transportation. All of these is to prevent me from getting sick and to calm my germaphobic mind.

Gate to Buda Castle, Budapest


Don't forget about those preventative measures. I always take Vitamin C when I travel. Already traveling puts a stress on your immune system, then add all the germs and it's super easy to get sick. So pump up your dose of Vitamin C and drink plenty of fluids. I've also been told by my mom to put Neosporin around your nose during flights to prevent all the germs and dry air to affect you. And it seems like that works!


Remember to avoid over touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. I'm guilty of constantly touching my nose, especially my when it itches. But eyes, nose and mouth are the fastest way to spread sickness. So avoid touching those parts until you know your hands are clean. 

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