No Tomato Sauce


A Culinary Capital with no Tomato Sauce

Ok France, you're amazing when it comes to food. No wonder you're one of the culinary capitals of the world. But what's up with the tomato sauce? You have such wonderfully available ingredients. And you're right next door to Italy, who is not slacking in the tomato sauce department. So why does yours suck?

Maybe I'm spoiled because I grew up with my grandmother making her own tomato sauce. And don't get me started on her raviolis (which I missed out on this year). Thankfully France is not slacking in the pasta department. Why buy dried pasta when you can buy it fresh? It's not Italy but it's pretty damn good. But then comes my problem: what do I put on it? Pesto is pretty good but it's better in Italy. And there's only so many times you can have pasta with butter (oh good pasta with butter from Brittany is amazing!) So what does that leave me with? Tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce in France is way too sweet. It's missing spices and seasoning. I've resorted to adding tabasco sauce just to give it something. A lot of times it just tastes like expensive ketchup. And as someone who was raised in an Italian American family, ketchup on pasta is blasphemy! Thankfully my French family knows how to jazz up the tomato sauce, so with them I know it will be something good. So Nanni, I don't really need a birthday cake when I get back, just a meal that includes tomato sauce. Thanks!

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