The Art that is Chocolate

After spending Easter in France, I realized that America is slacking when it comes to chocolate. I used to think that See's Candies was amazing, but now, after tasting chocolate in France, See's is sadly mediocre. On one hand it breaks my heart that it got knocked down, but on the other hand, French chocolate is that amazing!

Even their cheaper chocolate beats our chocolate. It's soft, melts in you mouth, and has flavor in all the right places. It's an art form. The good stuff is delicately and meticulously crafted because presentation is just as important as flavor. I normally hate dark chocolate, but in France it's so smooth, it goes down easy. The French version of robin eggs are melt in your mouth truffles. Clearly America is not up to par. Around Easter all of the boulangeries has chocolate bunnies, eggs, and hens on display. And these were extravagant chocolates. But I guess with great taste comes a price as many of these eggs were in the 50€ range. Ouch!! But you get what you pay for. And the expensive stuff is gooooood. 

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