The 10 Best Things to See in Vienna


Vienna: Yummy Cakes and Pretty Ponies

Vienna. How do I sum up the beautiful, lively city of Vienna? With its architecture similar to Paris, its rich history, even richer cakes, and its sounds famous around the world, this city quickly became a favorite. So much so that before I even boarded the plane, I was already figuring out ways to get back. Words don't do it justice. I just cannot describe this exciting city. And narrowing down a top ten is even harder. So here is my attempt.

10. Leopold Museum: this museum holds the largest collection of modern Austrian art. One of its most famous painters is Gustav Klimt and many of his works are housed in the museum. The building itself is very modern looking, foreshadowing the art inside.

The Opera House
9. Kunsthistorisches Museum: this museum has a large art collection comparable to the Louvre. But just to see the interior of the building is worth the trip enough. Of course its vast collection is worth spending a day to visit, so don't plan on just stopping by.

8. Kaisergruft: The Hapsburgs are really interesting in general, but one peculiarity is the way that they are buried. Their entrails are in pots under St. Stephen's Cathedral. Their hearts are in St. Augustine's Church and their bodies are interred in the Capuchin Church, also known as the Kaisergruft. Their bodies are mummified and their tombs are elaborate. This has to be the most interesting tomb that I've ever seen.

7. Imperial Palace: there are so many things to see and do at the Imperial Palace, also known as the Hofburg. With museums inside like the Imperial Apartments, where you get to see the lavish lifestyle of the royals, or the dining collection, were you walk down rows and rows of gold serving plates, there's plenty of things to see and do!

The Imperial Treasury
6. Spanish Riding School: ok so staring at horses isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this is something that I've wanted to see since I was a kid. And watching beautiful Lipizzan horses prancing around was great. And while the morning workout is the cheapest of options, try and book a show to see the horses at their best.

5. St. Stephen's Cathedral: this beautiful cathedral near the Hofburg is home to the entrails of the kaisers but also one of the main churches of Vienna. And it seems that every church in Vienna has its own unique style, so the cathedral really stands out from the others.

4. State Opera House: Vienna is famous for its music and its composers. So naturally the Opera House is a focal point of the city. Like Hollywood, Vienna has stars leading up to the Opera, but instead of actors it's composers. The Opera itself is a beautiful building with its decadent grand staircase and golden ceilings. It's even possible to buy standing room tickets for a low price just to catch a glimpse and hear some classical music.

3. Imperial Treasury: want to see some crown jewels? Lots of gold? This is the place for you! This is the place to see all the jewels. The crown of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and all that jazz. And it's not small collection, so be prepared to pace yourself.

Schonbrunn Palace Gardens
2. Belvedere Palace: the Belvedere Palace and gardens is a series of complexes that are now museums. The Belvedere is most famous for housing Klimt's The Kiss among other works. So whether you want to look at art or enjoy the gardens, the Belvedere has plenty to offer.

1. Schloss Schönbrunn: this was once the summer house of the Hapsburgs. It has also been the location for many historical events, including Mozart's first performance, and the location where the last Hapsburg monarch abdicated the throne. Lots of history and a beautiful palace. Get lost in the gardens or marvel at the riches, this palace rivals that of Versailles.

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