Brioche: Sweet Bread Done Right

Do you like fluffy, light bread? Do you like things that taste like butter? Or just viennoiseries in general? Then a brioche is the sweet bread for you. I'm not one to be fond of sweet flavored bread. Isn't that what cake is for? But France has turned me into a changed woman. Sweet bread is actually pretty good. And a brioche is really good. Here's why:

Brioche is a bread made with a high egg and butter content. Looks promising, right? Well it is. The most popular way that brioche is made is in a round shape, though sometimes it can be in the shape of loafs. And this bread was once the bread for rich people, aka the kings and queens of France. Because only royalty can afford to put that much butter and eggs into a bread! Sadly I don't buy giant things of brioche, but my guilty pleasure is to buy what is called pain brioché, which is a small loaf cut into sliced pieces. It goes great with Nutella for breakfast, just in case you were wondering.

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