The 10 Best Things to See in Prague


Prague: Bohemia Meets Communism 

It took me less than two minutes to fall in love with Prague. In fact, I believe that it was love at first sight! Between it's colorful architecture, cobbled roads, and pointy cathedrals, Prague is a breathtaking city. So how do you pick a top ten? Well here's my best attempt. 

10. Museum of Communism: housed above a McDonalds, next to a Benton, is a little museum about the communist regime in the Czech Republic. How ironic is that? While small, not not very technologically thrilling, it is straight to the point and gives a lot of information. A good look into the dark past of the city.

Astronomical Clock
9. Josefov: wander these streets for a glimpse of the old Jewish Ghetto. Today it offers a unique view of Prague and a beautiful experience.

8. Wenceslas Square: while this square is mostly a strip of shops (mostly big labels in the Western world) this area was once the place of demonstration. In 1968 Jan Palach light himself on fire to protest the communists. And since then it has been the place for many demonstrations against the communist regime.

7. St. Cyril and Methodius Church: this church is pretty, but it's packed with history. After the Nazis occupied Prague, there was resistance, so much resistance that a group of military men successfully assassinated a Nazi official (Heydrich). They took refuge in this church, a battle ensued and the men all died by their own hand rather than allow the Nazis to torture and kill them. Today the crypt of the church is a museum to honor those who resisted and died for their country.

Tyn Church
6. St. Nicholas Church: this baroque church is one of the most beautiful churches that I've seen in this style. It is covered head to toe with gold and bronze statues or lining. And this church was once a jewel of the Holy Roman Empire.

5. Prague Castle: this castle was once home to the kings, then the communists moved in, even though the country had dabbled in democracy before the war, and today it is home of the president of the Czech Republic. Stop by the gates every hour for a changing of the guard ceremony. Head inside for a peak of the Crown Jewels.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral: this cathedral atop the castle hill is actually surrounded by the castle complex. That doesn't prevent it from dominating the skyline of the city from across the river. Inside is some of the most beautiful and unique stained glass work that is a must see if in the area.

3. Tyn Church: across the Old Town Square is Tyn Church, which dominates the skyline. Its beautiful pointed steeples are unlike anything I've ever seen. And apparently one of the towers is bigger than the other to represent Adam and Eve. But regardless of the interesting, yet subtle, imbalance, it is still a powerful and beautiful feature of the Prague skyline.

Charles Bridge
2. Old Town Hall: the town hall is one of the most unique in the world because of it's astronomical clock. This beautiful clock doesn't just tell time, instead it gives a show of the deadly sins as well as keep track of the zodiac signs. As unique as it is, it is even more beautiful.

1. Charles Bridge: this 14th century bridge has become the icon of Prague, and with good reason. With it's statues of saints and popes lining the edges of the bridge, you get great views of both sides or the river. Though it is completely packed with tourists and street performers, it's still one of the best things to see and do in the city.  

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