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Sounds: Lets Add More Confusion!

Learning or relearning a language is tough work. So anytime you find a word that is the same, you are able to sigh in relief, at least you understand something. Maybe the pronunciation is a little different, but at least its the same word. Wonderful! Sounds must be the same then, too, right? Sadly onomatopoeia does not translate over and sometimes I am left with doing a double take. So here is a guide to all the differences there are in between French sounds and English sounds.

Pont Alexandre
After going through the differences, I'm starting to think that both English and French have come up with some ridiculous sounds. I mean does a gun really go "bang bang" and does a bird really go "cui-cui?" How we translate sounds and write them down is actually turning out to be a pretty interesting lesson in English and French. Clearly not all things can be translated. Here's some of the best.
Sneeze: achoo (English) : atchoum (French)
Pain: ouch (English) aïe (French)
Quiet: shh (English) : chut (French)
Rooster: cock-a-doodle-doo (English) : cocorico (French)
Bird: tweet-tweet (English) : cui-cui (French)
Duck: quack-quack (English) : coin-coin (French)
Frog: ribit (English) : croac-croac (French)
Ambulance: wee-woo (English) : pin-pon (French)
Gun: bang-bang (English) : pan-pan (French)
Disgust: yuck (English) : beurk (French)

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