Dreams vs. Reality


Coming to Terms That I May Not Achieve All My Dreams

I have to say, I'm a big day dreamer. I have a very active imagination. I'm not creative enough to be a story writer, but I'm always imagining what the next step would look like. So I had a lot of dreams of what my travels would look like. And here's how the reality of my dreams turned out. 

Dream: I would be living in a separated apartment where my kitchen and bedroom are not in the same room.

Reality: I live in a 17 meter squared apartment where I sleep in my kitchen/dinning room/living room. But hey at least I got a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Dream: I would travel every single weekend to another city.

Reality: did you know that travel is exhausting? And watching kids is exhausting? Clearly that dream was really far fetched. Oh well I still travelled a lot! By August 20 I will have visited 16 countries in a year. Not bad for not traveling every single weekend.

Dream: I would be so fluent in French that I could understand Baudelaire.

Reality: yeah, still not fluent. And I really feel great about my French when the three year old corrects me. You don't even know how to count to ten, kid, stop making me look bad!

Travel Dream: Visit Budapest
Dream: I would cook all the time.

Reality: discovering that I'm a 20 minute walk from Chipotle wasn't good for this dream. That and even microwaveable food is amazing here. But at least I make some mean potatoes!

Dream: I would fall in love with teaching and want to only teach for a living.

Reality: this year did the opposite. I don't want to teach. It just sounds awful. I would love to talk about history, but being a teacher just sounds so crazy right now. But then again, I don't know what else to do. Oh well!

Dream: I would turn into a French fashionista.

Reality: instead I stopped wearing makeup and I'm so grossed out by the metro that I keep my hair up in a bun everyday. At least my practice as a metal head in high school paid off since they wear a lot of black here.

Dream: I would become much more cultured by visiting new countries.

Reality: aside from saying that I have tasted a sausage in every country that I have visited, I don't consider myself that much more cultured. Maybe my eyes are opened more, but by no means am I aware of all the struggles of people around the world. 

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