Do's and Don'ts: The Perfect Travel Shoes


The Shoe Dilemma 

Picking the right shoes while traveling is always hard. What of it rains? What if my feet get to hot? What if they break? What if they're too uncomfortable? And how many pairs do I bring? This is probably the biggest packing dilemma. When it comes to shirts, you can always find room to pack another. But shoes take up space. So here's a guide to always having the right shoes while traveling. 


Don't buy shoes specifically for the trip. Buying a new pair of shoes is such a bad idea. You don't know if they'll cut into the back of your heels, if they'll give you blisters. Give your shoes time to fit right. That way you know if they're comfortable enough to walk around in all day. Put your shoes to the test before packing them.


Look at the terrain ahead of time and think of what you plan on doing. Are there cobblestones? Do you plan on hiking? Will you be walking a lot? These will determine the type of shoes that you should bring. Cobblestones are not fun for heels, or any unsupportive shoe. And then you want to take into consideration the weather. Summer you obviously won't need boots and winter you won't need sandals. But what about the seasons in between? Usually I pack a pair of flats and a pair of sandals, though my flats usually are more of converse like sneaker, small enough to pack, but good enough if it rains.

Or its love for dirt roads


Don't expect those cheap fake leather boots to hold up (and not stink up). The soles come off, rain makes them smell awful, and the leather melts off after three months of heavy use. So be prepared to not get too attached to those cheap boots while abroad for extended periods of time. Shoot I almost broke a new pair after just a week in Italy.


Waterproof your shoes as best you can. This will help with your socks not getting as drenched, and believe me that can make or break a trip. Sight seeing with freezing wet socks quickly puts a damper on any trip. So protect even the cheapest of shoes with some protective spray.

And the thing that instantly makes me
walk like a baby giraffe...snow!
Neuschwanstein Castle


Don't pack too many shoes or too few shoes. My rule is that I'll always pack two pairs but never more than three. Two because if one pair breaks, at least I won't be shoeless. And three is for extended travel where I may need different shoes based off of occasions and weather. Sure this wears them down faster, but I guess when you only pay $20 for shoes, it's not the biggest of deals.


Decide whether you want comfortable or fashionable, because most of the time, the two don't go together. I don't care what you say, Crocs aren't cute. Sometimes you're just going to need a pair of sneakers to give your feet a break. And while people may look at you weird, it's your body and you know it best. So don't push yourself to be dressed to impress all the time. Some shoes are just not made for walking. 

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