The Beginning of the Weekend Trips


And so it begins...

It's May which means that I have just a few short months left until I leave. It also means that I will be gone almost every weekend until the end of the school year. Let's hope my knee can keep it together. Body don't fail me now!

Last week I was able to do a wonderfully exhausting week through Central Europe, apparently Hungary and Poland don't like to be considered Eastern Europe. Budapest was beautiful. It was a city that felt modern, as in Belle Epoque modern, and stuck in the past at the same time. But I guess years spent under a communist regime will do that to a city's development. Then we went to Krakow and that was a beautiful city with a medieval feel to it. Then we finished in Vienna, a city with similar architecture to Paris, and a city rich in art and music. I didn't get to see everything I wanted, so now I am probably going to be hellbent on going back. I think Vienna was the hardest city that I've had to leave, I really liked it there.

Tulips in Budapest
But I can't dwell on last week too long, soon I will be spending a three day weekend in Prague, then another on Belgium, then another in Nuremberg. Then I have to factor in June with visits to Strasbourg, Colmar, Bayeux, Arles, and Nîmes. Three back to back weekends of travel is going to be interesting but carpe diem, right? Who needs rest anyways?

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