Appreciation for Tour Groups


Enlightenment on Tour Groups While Traveling

I totally get why people book tour groups for trips, especially when traveling more than two weeks. I feel like all of my down time right now is consumed with finding the best deals, finding the easiest flights and trains and the best hotels. With so many individual factors, I completely see why people think it's worth it to spend a little more money for some peace of mind. 

My to do list is huge! And that's just the list for hotels and transportation. It doesn't include everything that I need to do before moving out of my apartment. Hell I haven't even booked my trips in June and I'm already worried about July and August. This trip is going to be worth it, but planning six weeks with my cousin, at least four spent completely on the road visiting nine countries is daunting. But my cousin and I struck a deal, I'll plan and research all the itinerary and she'll find the food, both our area of expertise. So I can rest easy at night knowing that she has a gift and can somehow find the best restaurants like it's no problem. So with this new obstacle in my travel journey, I have a new respect and will not judge any tour group. 

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