Lemon Tart


When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemon Tarts

In honor of my grandmother's birthday, I am dedicating this post to our shared love and passion for lemon tarts. Thanks to her, I've learned that you absolutely must sample a lemon tart for every city you visit in France. In Italy there's afternoon gelato, but in France, there's afternoon lemon tarts. 

So what makes lemon tarts so good? Well first off the crust is made with real butter. Gotta love anything where you can taste the heavy dose of butter. Next is the filling which is a delightful balance of creme and lemon flavor. It's not bitter and it's pretty sweet, but not awfully sweet. And they come in individual sizes, which is always the right amount. You don't feel guilty for having devoured an entire cake, but you get enough to satisfy your craving. Like I said, just the right balance.

So thanks to Nanni, I have learned that you need to be on a quest for the best lemon tart. Although this quest is proving to be a challenge because they're all so good!!

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